The playground is the social heart of the neighborhood, also as a low-threshold meeting place for autochthonous and allochthonous visitors. Where in policy notes the lack of meeting between them is emphasized, there is nothing to be noticed in the playground. It makes me curious.

Rene's playground career began when he was 14 years old when he volunteered the playground repair singapore. His upbringing had a major influence on his choice to become a playground repair singapore. As a working-class child with a mother who came from Germany, he did not have it easy in his neighborhood. And although he could learn well, he was not welcome at an elite school outside the neighborhood. His father was a construction worker with a lot of love for people, which he always worked on. He had the ability to cheer them up. The social rejection that Rene experienced as a child made him a knocker who started working for others.

He gave a well-paid job to the army when he saw an advertisement in which an acting playground worker was sought. And was then sent from one playground to another, until it finally ended up at Bankaplein where no one wanted to work anymore. The playground was poorly decorated, did not look. There was no sports field; the whole was child-unfriendly. The older youth had free play and demolished the few facilities. Then you have to show who is in charge.

Rene made action photos of destructive young people hung them on the bulletin board and left the young people with the choice: either to work together or to the police. The kid’s chose the first option and Rene immediately started organizing activities and applying structure.

The repair of the demolished fence and the replacement of broken trash cans was a battle in itself because the municipality initially did not want to do anything about it. Subsequently, a personal (assistance) network was developed around problem families, in which René passed on signals to, among other things, school social work. With his cooperative attitude, a start was made with building a residents' network by fishing key people from the neighborhood. He followed his own way of working, sometimes against the assignment from above.

That was 25 years ago. Rene is now reaping the benefits of his investment at the time. The volunteers are recruited from the old youth groups; the older youth now comes to the playground with their own children. Bankaplein has become a breeding ground for professional playground repair singapore workers who have been trained in practice by Rene as a volunteer or trainee.

What is striking is the quality of play objects, such as the children's paddling pool and the large variety of organized activities. Play, music and dance play a major role in this. This has to do with René's second passion: organizing dance, music performances and multicultural events. With his professional hobby he has brought the stage into the playground. At the entrance of the playground is a beautiful stage built where the youth in the summer provides performances.

The fighting that Rene learned as a child has remained. With a subsidy of 500 euros per month for activities and materials, it is difficult to maintain a flourishing playground. He would like the budgets to be less opportunistic. That you can build up certainty with subsidies; do not have to wait from year to year what is hanging over your head. Better to listen to the playground workers, he thinks. You have to sell the work again and again.

Despite all the task reinforcement, Rene continues. The appreciation from the neighborhood gives him the motivation to continue.

Posted on September 24, 2018 at 03:02 PM