13 Fitness Tips for You to Get in Shape!

1- Give time to the gym equipment

We sit all day in the office. When working out, the ideal is to change position to shake off laziness. "To stay stimulated and create an exercise routine, change the gym through the park,", responsible for the good form of celebrities like Sabrina Sato. "Walk, run and ride your bike. Your training will be more fun, "he says.

2- Invest in the circuits

"Moving quickly from one exercise to the next is great for the cardiovascular system and also for toning the entire body," says Chico Salgado, personal trainer of Fernanda Paes Leme. "Go to a park and do three sets with 15 repetitions of squatting, abdominal, pounding, arm flexing, sinking and jumping, without rest between them," Chico suggests.

3- Check posture

Having body awareness is key. You should not lift more weight than you can handle. Seek the assistance of a teacher while performing the movements. "Beware of lifting, as poor posture can press bones and ligaments and cause injury. Check the correct position of the body before doing any exercise.

4- Take your water

During workout, moisturizing is very important to replenish the body's nutrients. In low-intensity workouts, such as gym exercises, drinking enough water. In high-intensity and long-term, drink isotonic beverages. But in moderation. "They should not be over-consumed, because the high level of mineral salts can overwhelm kidney functions.

5- Never stop working out

Everyone knows that having discipline is necessary to achieve any goal, but when can you go to the gym? "Change elevators by stairs. At home, you can replace the gym equipment with simpler exercises. "Do crunches, crunches and squats. The important thing is to maintain the training routine and not make excuses to abandon the project in a good way.

6- Do exercise outdoors

"Exercising outdoors stimulates the production of endorphins and relieves stress, who is also a personal trainer for actress Giovanna Ewbank. In addition, you burn more calories when you run up against the wind. "Another tip that works is to opt for sports that bring pleasure during practice and are still beneficial to your body. Stand-up paddle, beach soccer and surfing are good examples, "he says.

7. Pretend that you are still a child.

Is running a bit boring? Go back to being a child! "During breaks in the race, jump rope for 20 seconds. This will make the exercise more fun and dynamic. The combination is super powerful and burns many calories.

8- Jump on the trampoline

Anyone with knee problems may feel pain when jumping rope with intensity. A good alternative is to jump on the elastic minicom. The knees suffer less impact, which reduces the possibility of injury, and the calories burned are the same. "You will not even realize how much you're working.

9- Always stretch

It is tempting to escape in the final seconds of the workout and discard stretching, but this can cause problems. This step is responsible for keeping your muscles flexible. The solution? If you cannot stretch in the post-workout, do these exercises throughout the day: move your neck, crouch down until you touch your feet, and do lateral tilts with your arms stretched out.

10- You have to sweat

"People do not like sweating, but that's very important to the body. The perspiration serves to adjust the body temperature. Use a towel if you think you are sweating excessively.

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 03:55 PM