How to plan home improvements with your accommodations in mind? We have put together a few tips and stories from hosts explaining the projects they are planning and the reasons behind it.

Have personality

Improving a home does not always involve knocking down walls or tearing floors. Consider gradually starting with painting projects, changing upholstery or a simple change in the decoration. Guests look for unique and cozy spaces on Airbnb, so do not be afraid to include some personal touches such as displaying souvenirs from your travels, making books you recommend or painting a wall with your favorite color.

Introducing personality to a space is not always that simple (questions like "What's my personality?" Or "I'm interesting enough?" Are common), so do not think too much. Use what you like and incorporate elements from all walks of life, such as your job, your hobbies, your family history and everything else you want.

There's always something in need of a painting (be it some furniture or some wall), but I also plan to turn the wallpaper crazy. I LOVE impact wallpapers, and as part of my work involves scenography, I have a stack of beautiful options waiting for a wall.

Be your own guest

Experiencing your space as a guest can help you identify the areas that most need improvement. Sleep in the bed used by your guests. Take a shower and use guest towels. If your space is dedicated exclusively to guests, try cooking something to make sure everything is working and that you offer all the necessary utensils and equipment. Taking a test by hosting in your space or asking a friend or family member to do this, can help you find problems and solutions that you might not find to be just host.

Guest feedback is also a great source of information. Your guests may have stayed in many other spaces and can give objective feedback that helps you identify needed repairs or worthwhile investments.

Also taking into consideration feedback from some of my guests, this year I would like to spend a little time and money redesigning and redoing the bathrooms of my home in Acropolis. Because it is a neoclassical property (it has existed since the 1920s), I will need a special license from the Ministry of Culture, but it is certainly worth it.

When considering repair projects for your space, always remember these principles aimed at guests:

Are the facilities conveniently located? For example, are towel stands near the shower? Is the shower tall enough for taller guests? Is there a place near the front door to leave things like keys, purses or coats?

Are basic resources accessible? For example, are there easily accessible sockets (without getting under a table or dragging a heavy sofa)? Is it easy to find the light switches?

Basic items like doors and windows are in order and are they easy to use? Fixtures like having to shake the key to lock the door or use an object to keep a window open can affect the guest experience, which can result in a less star in your host evaluation.

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 02:36 PM